Trainn's AI-Powered Video Creation

02:12 mins

Sumana Ammaiyappan

Updated on Jul 19, 2024

Create your next instructional video in under 5 minutes

Videos are a great medium to educate your users about your product. But worried about the time and the cost involved? With Train, automagically create short videos for your digital product in minutes.

No complex tools or video editing experience needed

You no longer have to use complex tools or need video editing experience. You can create professional product videos by recording your screen using our browser extension. Share the product screen and simply navigate through your workflow. Stop recording once you have captured the steps.

Automated editing and voiceovers

You need not worry about the background noise or voiceovers or anything. Just record the workflow and Train takes care of the rest. Every interaction you did with your product while recording is automatically created as steps with automated highlights and zooms for easy editing. It would have also added automated, human-like voiceovers for each clip.

Save time and effort

This way, you save countless hours of editing, re-editing, dubbing, and audio synchronization. Even an introduction would have been generated for your video. Train supports voiceovers in 20 plus languages and in 100 plus accents.

Flexible video editing

It gives you the flexibility to edit the video, if required, by providing you with advanced yet simple-to-use video editing features.

Evergreen videos

No need to worry about video maintenance. Videos created in Train are evergreen. You can come anytime in the future, delete the unwanted clips and insert the new ones, and wherever this video is present, it gets auto-updated.

Easy publishing and hosting

You can hit publish when you are happy with the output. Train will host these videos for you, making them available at the best quality on demand.