Trainn's No-Code LMS

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Akash Anil

Updated on Jul 19, 2024

Trainz LMS - Build Your Training Academy

Trainz LMS - Build Your Training Academy

Looking to build a training academy to train your customers, employees, or partners? Introducing Trainz LMS to create personalized training academies for all your training needs.

Launch a No-Code Academy

Launching a no-code academy with sleek and modern design is no more a hassle. With our AI-powered creation suite, create video training content, interactive guides, and support articles for your courses with Trainz.

Build Courses from Scratch

Our no-code builder lets you build courses from scratch and create personalized learning experiences. Start building your courses with descriptions and banner images. Easily add training resources like videos, guides, and articles that you created in Trainz as your courses.

AI Quiz Builder

With Trainz AI Quiz Builder, transform your lessons into custom quizzes with a single click. Effortlessly control quiz duration, score requirements, and attempts.

Provide Certifications

Finally, provide certifications to your learners and control when and how they receive them.

Personalize Your Academy

After creating a course, personalize your academy with Academy Builder. Set up authentication for your academy using email, SSO, or SAML-based authentication. With our white labeling option, you can add custom brand images, logos, and brand colors to your login page.

Adaptive Learning Experiences

In Trainz, you can set up adaptive learning experiences for your learners, based on their personas. To do that:

  • Create custom homepages based on your learner persona.
  • Assign courses to them based on their unique learning needs.
  • Create multiple homepages like these, host courses within, and authenticate users into them.
  • Manually add learners to your academy homepage, or dynamically filter them based on preset conditions like email, company, and learner roles.

Keep Your Courses in Line with Your Brand

Keep your courses in line with your brand, with brand images, and host all the courses that you want your learners to access for their training.

Share Your Academy and Dive into Analytics

Your academy and course are now set. Finally, share your academy and deep dive into analytics like course enrollments, engagement time, and retention cohort analysis. Also get insights on individual course-level analytics, and specific learner course activity, such as course enrollments, lesson completions, and number of assessments completed.

Assign Courses

You can also assign courses manually to your learners, or create learner groups based on preset conditions and assign courses for those groups.