Trainn's No-Code Knowledge Hub

04:23 mins

Akash Anil

Updated on Jul 19, 2024

Introducing Trane's Knowledge Hub

Effortlessly launch your personalized self-serve learning portal under a week without writing a single line of code. This is Trane's Knowledge Base, a 24-7 self-serve resource created to onboard our customers, offer answers to their support queries, and improve their product adoption.

Organizing Content

Content can be organized into broad categories like "What's New". You can add as many categories as required depending on your product and educational offerings. Within each category, you can add multiple collections. For example, a collection called "Voiceover Updates" can be added.

Creating Collections

Within each collection, you can add chapters of multi-format content such as videos, guides, and articles.

Setting Up the Knowledge Base

  1. Go to the knowledge hub module on your dashboard.
  2. Create a category by going to content settings and adding a category called "What's New".
  3. Add collections to the category. Collections can be optimized for search engine result pages.
  4. Add descriptions to your knowledge base in the theme section.
  5. Add custom branding with banner images and brand logos.
  6. Set up a personalized domain for your learning portal with white labeling.

Analytics and Access Control

Track knowledge base analytics within the platform or enable Google Analytics. The knowledge base can be set for public access or privatized based on user logins.

Personalizing Learning Portal

Personalize the learning portal through login access such as email SSO or SAML to offer relevant content to learners based on their user domains.

In-App Widget

Set up an in-app widget within your product for customers to access educational materials seamlessly without leaving the application.

Benefits of Trane's Knowledge Hub

  • Build a no-code knowledge base in under a week.
  • Address global learners with multilingual content creation support.
  • Update content on the go.
  • Personalize the learner's journey with Trane's Knowledge Hub.

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