Trainn's AI-Powered Guides

02:19 mins

Akash Anil

Updated on Jul 19, 2024

Introducing Guides by Trainn: Transforming Product Workflows into Interactive Learning Experiences

Are you tired of spending hours writing training documentations, manually capturing product screenshots, and conducting one-on-one training sessions to explain even the simplest features? Not anymore. Guides by Train is here to revolutionize the way you create guides and documentation.

How to Create Guides in Trainn:

  1. Record Your Screen or Manually Capture Screenshots: You can record your screen to capture workflows, or manually take product screenshots and upload them directly.

  2. Create Guides in Multiple Languages: Trainn allows you to create guides in over 20 international languages.

  3. Record Workflows and Generate Guides: Share your screen and record your workflows. Train will capture every click and interaction, turning them into interactive guides instantly.

Features of Guides by Train:

  • Instructional Guides: Trainn's AI captures every action and generates contextual descriptions for each screenshot, saving you time on manual editing.

  • Editing Options: Edit screenshots, blur sensitive data, edit zoom transitions, and add call-to-actions at the end of guides.

  • Embedding and Sharing: Embed guides in your product, website, knowledge base, or LMS. Export guides as PDFs or share links directly.

  • Learner Engagement Insights: Gain insights into learner engagement with your guides.

Why Choose Guides by Trainn:

  • AI-Powered Guide Creation: Instantly generate custom descriptions and titles, saving time on manual typing.

  • Trusted by Top Companies: Over 20,000 guides created in Trainn in the last few months. Join leading companies in scaling customer education programs.

Book a demo now and experience the power of Guides by Trainn in transforming your product workflows into interactive learning experiences.